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The Merkuur team has developed and built mobile technology classes of dreams to promote science, technology and engineering among young people.


  • The Mobile Workshop service is reaching areas that otherwise are dismissed or have limited opportunities (lack of necessary equipment, teachers and skills). This helps to curb inequality and improve young people's access to science, technology and engineering.

  • The Merkuur mobile classroom with a qualified STEM teacher is only three hours from any point in Estonia.

  • The Mobile Workshop service’s approach to technology is inclusive and captivating – exciting equipment, attractive workshops and supportive tutors are taken directly to young people. The service focuses on modern technology as well as playful and problem-based tasks. At the end of a workshop, each participant receives a product made by themselves, such as a flashlight, memory stick, LED lamp, clock or street racket.

  • The Merkuur team has a tight partnership with representatives of various institutions, organisations and enterprises to create for young people an opportunity to learn from the success stories of real people.

  • The team aims at creating an Estonia-wide network to offer regular services in all Estonian counties.

  • The organisers of Mobile Workshops wish to develop the concept of future mobile classrooms and methodological study materials for both students and teachers to expand into the Estonian and international education sphere.

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